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N-PBS 23-3 New Features


N-PBS 23-3 New Features 

N-PBS 23-3 New Features 

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Detailed Explanation 

S-70319 - AAY - Mixed Line Reserve Day On - WebApp

There is a new bid available in the Reserve bid group called Award Reserve Day On. It supports either a single or a preferred order of list of dates (e.g., Award Reserve Day On Feb 5, Feb 10, Feb 15, and Feb 28). It is configured for AAY/AAYP (both pilots and cabin) within both current and default bids.


The current bid only allows dates of the current period. The default bid allows all dates. The calendar will not allow the selection of the Day of the Week (e.g., Friday, Saturday). It will only be a list of individual dates.


This new feature includes adding the bid to the configuration (category options xml and category options xsd):

  • <ReserveBids>
  • <Order>
  • <Id>PreferrOff</Id>
  • <Id>LineCondition</Id>
  • </Order>.

The new section includes: 

  • AwardReserveDay at same level as Prefer Off, Line Condition
  • All or Nothing group options
  • Else Start Next Bid group options.


There is no limit to the number of Award Reserve Day bids that are allowed in a Reserve bid group. There is also no limit to how many dates are on a single bid line.


S-72798 - ALL - Add employee IDs to invalid bid message - Scheduler 

An employee's ID is now added to an invalid bid message. This is the red X that appears under the "Valid" column after the Scheduler reports an exception. The message shows with the red X when one or more bidders have invalid bids. This allows the administrator to quickly see which crewmembers have invalid bids and adjust them accordingly.


S-69946 - ASA - Pilot initial configuration

The initial configuration of the N-PBS system for ASA pilots is available. 


S-70369 - ASA - Pilot - Co-Terminal Rest rule and waive bid  

A new Co-Terminal Rest rule has been introduced for ASA pilots. If a pilot does one pairing from one station (e.g., BUR) then next from a different terminal (e.g., SNA), the pilot needs 13 hours of rest. This can be waived by the pilot down to 10.5 hours. This only applies if two consecutive activities are both pairings. This can be found in the Reasons report as "Insufficient Co-Terminal Rest". 


Further specifications about the rule are:

  • the rule will have one parameter called "Rest Minutes".
  • there are two instances of the rule to allow the waive.
  • a waive bid has been introduced under this feature.
  • the syntax is "Co-Terminal Rest".


S-70624 - ASA - Pilot addition of Midnight Offset to Max Days On rule

A new parameter is now available called Add The MidnightOffSet Parameter to the Pairing - MaxDaysOn Rule. The Midnight Offset parameter affects the ends of activities, including both pairings and working absences. The Midnight Offset displays in minutes.

Any activity which ends at or before 00:00 plus the midnight offsets, and starts on an earlier day, is treated as ending on the previous day. It will not count as work for the "next day". For example, a setting of 120 minutes will cause any activity ending at or before 02:00, which starts on an earlier day, to be treated as ending on the previous day.

 The value for ASA Pilots is 119 minutes, while it is zero for everyone else.


S-72711 - ASA - 365 Day Pilot history import  


With this new feature, ASAP (ASA Pilots) admins will be able to:

  • enter the Periods tab and select a period
  • select the Data button at the bottom right of the screen
  • select the import and the file type that will be called "365 Day Pilot History". This should appear at a place first and last in the list if all items are sorted alphanumerically and this is the only entry that starts with a number.
  • select the local file to be uploaded.


Note: Different customers have different import types configurations and this information is present in the ASAP's PBSsetting .xml file. This file contains a lot of info file type and info group type (PeriodImportFileType and PeriodImportGroupType).


When we want to import a completely new file type, we also have to update the CreateTables.sql script as shown. Please note the following:

  • Period_RecId: The period record they are associated with
  • GroupType: The Type identifier for this group
  • Name: A descriptive identifier for this import group. 




S-72758 - ASA - Pilot WOCL Turn preference configuration

In the ASAP configuration, you can now add a new Award and Avoid Pairing Property and Pairing filter. This is available to all bidders for both the current and default bids.


S-72757 - ASA - WOCL Turn Preference scheduler 

For ASA, a new bid/pairing filter is now available: Award/Avoid Pairings if WOCL Turn.


The Scheduler will match a pairing against the bid if the pairing has exactly one duty and that duty covers the entire period from 0200 to 0215 Base Time.


Note: WOCL means Window of Circadian Low.


S-72797 - ASA - Pilot - Days Off Before and After CQ rule - Pairing 

You can create a new rule for Days Off Before and After CQ. This is the Rest Days before CQ (2 Days waivable down to one or zero).


It is similar to the Reserve Days Off Before and After Training rule is applicable to pairing lines and the CQ flag instead of the training flag. There are two parameters:

  • Num Days Off Before = 2
  • Num Days Off After = 0.


You can create a new waive bid. The syntax is Waive 2 Days Off Before CQ to X. The configuration for ASAP is zero or one.


S-72896 - ASA - Reserve Days Off before and after CQ rule/waive

A new rule and waive bid is available to ASA's configurations. They are:

  • Reserve Days Off Before and After CQ rule
  • 2 Days off Before CQ waive bid.


The two parameters for the new rule are:

  • Num Days Off Before
  • Num Days Off After.


The rule is identical to Reserve Days Off Before and After Training rules; however, it will apply to CQ instead of training (Absence Code flags).


S-72897- ASA - Create CQ absence code flag 

For ASAP, a new absence code called FLAG CQ is available. The new flag shows on the Admin User Interface (UI) only for customers who have a configuration set to show it, as the new flag is not meaningful for most customers. When a customer configures their Admin UI to show the flag, it shows within the "Additional Parameters" section of the Add/Edit absence code screen and will be labeled as "CQ". Your administrator has the availability to update the flag.


S-73111- ASA - Pilot Pairing import

We have made modifications to the current ASA Cabin pairing import to accommodate ASA Pilots. The current ASA pairing import uses TFP (points) instead of credit, whereas the pilots use traditional credit hours.


All the credit belongs to the current month for carryout pairings if a duty period starts (reports) in the current period. For a duty period that begins in the current period, all that credit belongs to the current plus the "Scheduling Rig" that is presented on the trip level. This rig should be added to the last duty of the trip; however, this shows up in the total and not in the last trip.


This is an example of how the credit would be calculated in a day-by-day picture as:

  • 5:40 day 1
  • 5:08 day 2
  • 7:48 day 3
  • 6:38+ 0:11 trip rig on day 4.


The total credit of the trip is 25:25 with the trip rig included in it.


S-68224 - SCX - Scheduler vacation slide 

For SCX, the following parameters are now added for the Scheduler handling:

  • Pilot/Cabin Use Half Period Sliding
  • Pilot/Cabin Half Period Sliding Max Days Past Middle
  • Pilot/Cabin Disallow Slides onto Blackout Dates.


Note: Please refer to S-68572 for SCX configuration. The Scheduler needs to handle the various configuration options of SCX and other customers.

 The following existing configuration options are not applicable when Use Half Period Sliding is set as True:

  • Max Slide Vacation Days
  • Allow Slides Grouping
  • Vacation Length Factor
  • Allow Slides Period Boundary Split
  • Allow Slides into Future
  • Allow Slides into Past.



S-69077 - SCX - Training GDOs - Scheduler 

SCX pilots can bid up to five consecutive GDOs. They must be eligible for training and are in their Early or Due Month (May Go).


To bid for these days, they must be consecutive. GDOs are only to be considered during the Training Award and are not to be exported. These bids are automatically honored for all Early/May Go pilots; therefore, they cannot be given training on those days. A reason is now added if a training pattern cannot be awarded under an award bid due to the pilot's training GDOs.


In addition to this new feature, the following will apply:

  • If the crewmember has no Must Go requirements, we will give the reason honored under the Training GDO bid.
  • If the crewmember has a Must Go requirement, the denial reason will be "Not Used Due to Must Go Status".


S-68278 - SCX - SOR/TOA Trip Import

This new feature allows for SCX to have pairings where all of the legs are record type 5. Currently, the import fails because we cannot identify equipment classification. We have enhanced the Crew Plan import so if SCX has only one equipment classification, the import will automatically use that equipment classification. SCX only has one equipment classification so this will work for them.


S-69360 - SCX - WebApp Training GDOs

We have configured for SCX the adding of the WebApp function for the Training GDO bid. In S-69359, the Training GDO was added to the bid configuration (CategoryOptions.xml) with Precedence 1. This should be forced to the top of the bid group.


For the Training GDOs, please be aware of the following:

  • The days must be consecutive.
  • The GDOs will not be restricted to the current active period.
  • It must not include any days that the crewmember has a pre-award.


The Scheduler and the back-end translation already have the implementation of the feature. The format of the bid composite is assumed to be a list of dates.


This feature has the possibility to add a Training GDO bid to the training bid group under the Set Condition tab. 


S-70267 - SCX - Redeye and charter imports 

This new feature allows for the import of charter-designated flights between the flight range of 8000 - 8999. In turn, this allows crewmembers to choose charter flights as a preference. 


S-70726 - SCX - SOR/TOA WebApp UI

We have added two new bids available in the WebApp UI for SCX. They can be found in the pairing properties and are available on Award Pairings bids, Avoid Pairings bids, and the Pairing Search tab. These needs bids options are:

  • If TOR
  • If SOR.


The right side of the Pairing Filter search displays the pairing preferences of SOR and TOA. Click the checkboxes as appropriate: 

  • For the Pairing Filter/Analyzer, a pairing will match if TOA has at least one leg in the pairing with the TOA identifier. 
  • For the Filter/Analyzer, a pairing will match if SOR has at least one leg in the pairing with the SOR identifier.

S-70727 - SCX - SOR/TOA trips - Scheduler 

There are now two new bids (pairing properties, available on Award and Avoid Pairing bids) available for SCX:

  • If TOA: A pairing will match if TOA has at least one leg in the pairing has the identifier TOA.
  • If SOR: A pairing will match if SOR has at least one leg in the pairing has the identifier SOR.

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