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Introduction to conditions

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1       Introduction 

Introduction to conditions 

In this topic you'll review how to use conditions to place bids, and the use of conditions that apply to all bid groups, also known as 'global bids'. 

We estimate that this will take 5 minutes to complete.

2       Detailed Explanation 

In this first scenario, you begin on the Bids tab, Current sub-tab. From here, you'll set a maximum credit condition. This type of condition tells the system to build a schedule with the most credit possible.


After this, you'll follow up with setting up reserve pattern on the bid group.

Interaction 1 Click the Add Bid Group button.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Apply button.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Set Condition list item.

Your condition is dynamically updated as you go. If it doesn't currently meet valid criteria, errors appear on this bar. These resolve as you complete a valid condition. 

The conditions in this list vary based on your airline's configuration.  

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Maximum Credit Window list item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Apply button.

Most conditions should be positioned at the very top of the bid group, like this one. They tend to be a global preference, meaning they apply to the entire bid. 

Remember, you can move lines up and down to set the order of preference in which they are processed by the system. If your condition isn't at the top you can move it to the top by selecting the line item, then using these buttons. 

Now, set a reserve condition. 

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Add Bid Group list item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Reserve Bid Group list item.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Apply button.

Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click Set Condition.


The list of conditions varies based upon your particular configuration. 

Interaction 1

For this example you'll configure a reserve pattern bid. This is a pattern of days that you want on, combined with the pattern of days that you want off. For example, 3 to 5 days on and a minimum of 2 days off.  

Interaction 1 Click the Pattern list item.

Interaction 6Interaction 5Interaction 4Interaction 3Interaction 2Interaction 1

Interaction 1 Click the Up spin button.


In creating this pattern, you are setting a condition that is Between 3 And 5 days off. 

Interaction 2 Click the Up spin button.

Interaction 3 Click the Up spin button.

Interaction 4 Click the Up spin button.

Next, change the value in the And field. 

Interaction 5 Click the Up spin button.

Interaction 6 Click the Apply button.

The Days Off value defaults to 2. That already meets the criteria of the pattern you want to set up. 


Congratulations! You successfully built conditions in your pairing bid group and reserve bid group.


This pattern works in conjunction with whatever other bid preferences you place below it. 


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