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Pairing Search

Use the pairing screen to search for pairings available in your category. There are many options available to you to filter down the list of pairings, however you can only use one option at a time.
This section will show you how to perform a search. Also, from the Pairings screen, you can view the Pairing Report on a pairing. The Pairing Report contains detailed information on the pairing, such as: Check-In/Out, Block and Duty time, Total Credit, Depart On Dates and you can see what line the particular pairing is on. 

The steps outlined here show you how to search for pairings that depart on a Monday. You can apply these steps to a search using any of the options available.


Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Click the Depart On option.


Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Click the Day Of Week List option.


Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Click Mo (Monday). Click on a any day of week to select it.


Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Interaktion 1Click the Apply button.


Click the Reset button to perform a new search.


If the Apply button is disabled, look for a message in the left corner of the screen below the Sort By field. 


This message will let you know why you cannot complete your search. The message will either state that you have not entered enough search criteria or that you have reached the Max Ifs count. If you see this message, click the Reset button to begin a new search. You cannot perform a search with multiple options.

 The gray circle indicates that the pairing departs on that date. The green circle indicates that the pairing matches the search. In this example it indicates that the pairing departs on a Monday. The green circle is only displayed for searches that match date criteria. 


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