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Logs Screen

The Logs Screen allows you to keep track of changes to system data. Using the Service dropdown menu you can search and see changes made to the Bid Manager, Config, ClassBid, ClassBidWeb, Crew, Import, Period, Pairings, Run Manager, and WebApp data. WebApp data refers to when a user synchronizes data or submits a bid from the Web App bidder interface. You can also see the administrator that made the changes, the date and time of the change, and the period.

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The information below describes the features and search criteria of the log screen. You can use any or all of the search criteria when searching for change logs. If you do not select any field and hit the details button, all change logs will be returned.


Service: Type of data including Bid Manager, Config, ClassBid, ClassBidWeb, Crew, Import, Period, Pairings, Run Manager and WebApp.

Admin ID: Administrator that made the changes


Details: Select this button to search for changes.

Limit: You can select the number of change logs you want to appear.



Starting and Ending: Date and time of the change.


This window shows the change logs.



Period: Period of the data change.

Description: Description of the change.


Page feature: You can use the arrows to see the next page if your search returns more logs than can fit on the screen. You can turn off this feature with the checkbox beside the arrows.

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