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GDO Condition

Reminder: GDO Condition is automatically placed at the top of the Reserve bid group. GDO Condition is always placed at the top of your Reserve bid group and cannot be moved.

  • Bid for guaranteed days off in your Reserve bid group.

  • You can bid for a maximum of 11 GDOs and the minimum is 2.

  • Your administrator sets the maximum number of GDOs in a bid period.

  • A GDO Condition bid is tied to your Time Off bid preference in your Reserve bid group as GDOs are awarded after your Reserve block is built from any Reserve days you were awarded.

  • GDOs honored and not honored are listed in your reasons report.  GDOs awarded are listed in your calendar.

GDO Condition bid example

Set Condition Maximum 2 GDOs

Prefer Off Jun 11, 2011, June 13, 2011, June 14, 2011

  • The N-PBS Scheduler tries to make any Reserve Days off into GDOs. The N-PBS Scheduler gives preference from left to right when awarding GDOs. June 11 is considered first and so on.


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