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N-PBS 21-4 Enhancements


N-PBS 21-4 Enhancements 

N-PBS 21-4 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

S-54314 ASA - Configure Multi-Day Reserve Start to Stats Report 


ASA has been configured for Multi-Day Reserve Start in the Statistics Report (Reserve Stats & Dynamic Stats Reports). 

S-58129 ASA - Configure for IF/IF Not 

For ASA, the system is now configured with the IF/IF NOT bid option. 

S-58131 JBU - Enhance Mint Report 


For JBU, the Mint Report is enhanced with two additional columns that include Inelegible bidders (IB) and Reduced Block bidders (RB). 

S-59373 FLE - Configure RestBeforeAndAfterPairings Rule 

FLE installations are now configured with the following parameters for the RestBeforeAndAfterPairings rule:

  • MinutesAfter: 660     
  • MinutesAfterTheater: 660     
  • MinutesBefore: 660     
  • MinutesBeforeTheater: 660     
  • MinutesBetweenCDOs: 660     
  • AtLeastLastDutyLengthAfter: False
  • ExcludedAbsenceCodes: Empty      

S-59773 NKS - Turn On Effective Date 


Add Depart on Dates in the pairing is now active, enabling a pairing to add pairing number depart on bids for some airlines. The airlines for which this is active are: 

  • NKS
  • ASH
  • ASA
  • BWA
  • HAL
  • HALC
  • CJT
  • JSX
  • POE
  • MXY
  • QXE
  • UCA
  • SIL 

S-53631 QXE - Change AIMS Import to Incorporate Carry-In Credit 

For QXE, if an AIMS activity file with carry-in pairing activities containing Off Day credit and pairing activity (leg/layover/offday) date(s) for a crewmember with credit is imported, N-PBS now processes the credit such that the correct credit in-period credit is assigned to that crewmember. 

S-60193 - N-OC Customers - Change N-OC Historical Block Time Request and Import 

An enhancement to the N-OC Historical Block Time import request now allows it to only pull BLH and not Duty. Furthermore, N-PBS now only processes BLH type block time value. 

S-60257 - FLE - Remove Reduced Regular Lines 

For FLE, we have removed Reduced Regular Lines from the configuration. 

S-60458 - N-OC Customers - N-OC Pairing Import: Split Duty Flag 

We've added functionality to N-PBS to process the Legal Exception element 'ZS' in the Pairing Activity element for a pairing, so that the system can flag it as split duty appropriately. 


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