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N-PBS 22-3 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 22-3 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 22-3 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-35806 AAY - Crew Activity Import (Absences) Incorrectly Applying Credit


Corrected an issue where the AAY Crew Activity Import File was applying out-of-period credit to the current bid period. For an any absence which does not overlap the period, the system ignores any value in the "Credit" (Field #7) field, including absences in the past and absences in the future. 

D-35807 AAY - Crew Activity Import (Historical Pairings) Incorrectly Applying Credit


We corrected an issue when importing the Crew Activity File (Historical Pairings) where the system was applying previous period credit to the current bid period. For any non-biddable pairing AAY must provide a "00:00:00" value for credit. Should a credit value other than "00:00:00" be provided then the system displays a warning after the file import "Credit of <Value> was provided for historical pairing". Non-zero values are imported if provided. 

D-08645 ALL - PBS Web App: Loading Animation in Pairings Tab is Missing


We corrected an issue where the animation informing the user that more pairings are being loaded did not appear, though the pairings still loaded. This only occurred when scrolling down; the animation was still present when scrolling up. The animation remains unaffected and is working in the Bids & Training tabs. 

D-35220 N-OC Customers - N-OC pairing import fails if activity code has less than 2 characters


We've corrected an issue where the N-OC pairing import would intermittently fail with the error message "Internal error: exception thrown on Import Data Job" due to the string value having less than 2 characters.This error occurred on a line in the XML file with element: <ActivityCode>3</ActivityCode>.

 The system now provides a detailed error message regarding this error. 


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