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Avoid Pairings Bid Preferences

Avoid Pairings bid preferences identify the things you don’t want to do, the unwanted pairings or pairing criteria, for the current bid period. Avoid Pairings bid preferences include most of the same options as Award Pairings bid preferences, so you can identify types of layovers, stations, duty length, etc., that you don’t like. Avoid Pairings bid preferences exclude pairings from consideration. Avoid Pairings bid preferences affect any Award Pairings bid preferences that follow them in your bid. 

For example, if you add the bid preference Avoid Pairings If Average Daily Credit< 006:00, all pairings with an average daily credit that is less than six hours are removed from consideration once the N-PBS Scheduler reaches that bid preference, even if they meet the rest of the criteria for an Award Pairings bid preference that appears after the Avoid Pairings bid preference.

Any / Every Options

This bid has an Any or Every option. If you use Any - only one leg of the pairing has to contain the property for it to be awarded or avoided*. If you use Every - every leg of the pairing has to contain the property for it to be awarded or avoided*.

Note: *In most configurations Any and Every options are not available for Avoid Pairings Bid Preferences. If you do not see these options on your avoid bids you do not have them.

Avoid Every only removes pairings where every leg has the property to be avoided. For example, Avoid Pairings if Every Leg is Redeye does not remove pairings where not all legs are redeyes. It only removes pairings where every leg is a redeye.

Refer to Using Any or Every for further information.

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