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N-PBS 23-1 Enhancements


N-PBS 23-1 Enhancements 

N-PBS 23-1 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 1 minute to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

S-68740 - ASA - Removal of FTL from rules

The FTL Absence code is removed from the following rules:

  • Pairing-RestAfterAbsenceCodes (two instances)
  • Pairing-RestBeforeAbsenceCodes (three instances in current ASA production)
  • Pairing-RestBetweenPairings_AbsencesWithoutCodes.


S-67973- HAL - Addition of Consecutive Days Off preference

The Consecutive Day Off preference is available for both HAL and HALC. This preference is present in the Pairing and Reserve Bid groups. In the N-PBS Settings, you can set the minimum time off consecutive days to one and the maximum time off consecutive days to 99.


S-70623 - JZA - Change configuration in the Historical Offset

In JZA's Historical Offset configuration, it now ranges from -518400 (six days) to -1728000 (20 days). 


S-69326 - JZA - Modify Reserve A Off After B Duty Periods Rule 

For JZA's cabin crew, the Reserve -AOffAfterBDutyPeriods rule is now changed. Previously, it was 2 After 5. Now, it is 1 After 5.


The waive Max 5 Duty Periods to X is still available. The waive Minimum 2 Days Off After Consecutive Duty Periods is now removed.


JZA will continue to use Min Days Off 2 as a Run Parameter and the Bid Waive Min 2 Days Off in a Row will continue to be available. 


Upgrade Script will remove existing instances of Waive Minimum 2 Days Off After Consecutive Duty Periods from reserve bid groups.


S-70320 - Mixed Lines - Add Mixed Line Min/Max Credit windows and associated items

The following items of Mixed Lines are now available:

  • Min Credit Mixed Line
  • Max Credit Mixed Line
  • Max Min Credit Mixed Lines Honored
  • Max Max Credit Mixed Lines Honored
  • Min Credit Reduced Mixed Line
  • Max Credit Reduced Mixed Line
  • Reduced Mixed Line Crewmembers will not count towards the two limits (Max Min & Max Max).


The mutual exclusions are removed, which stops Mixed Line people from bidding Min/Max Credit.



The Dynamic Stats Report/Excel Stats Export (under existing Honored/Allowed stats) need the following to be added:

  • Max Min Credit Mixed Line Honored/Allowed
  • Max Max Credit Mixed Line Honored/Allowed.



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