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N-PBS 22-5 Bug Fixes


22-5 Bug Fixes 

22-5 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-36275 - ALL - PBS Scheduler Wrongly Marking Bid as Redundant 


If there is an Award bid between two bids, the system attempts to prevent the earlier bid from not causing the later bid to be marked as redundant. Redo bids are treated the same way, since they have the effect of repeating Award bids.

 We corrected a situation where a negative bid was marked as redundant, due to being identical to an earlier negative bid. As a result, the scheduler did not honor it due to a Redo bid between the two bids. 

D-35353 - ALL - Click event not working for iPhone 12 Pro when in portrait mode 


We corrected an issue with iPhone 12 Pro where the pull-out menu does not register clicks when in portrait mode. 

D-36240 - ALL - Admin UI Contrast 


We corrected an issue where the contrast of the UI changed due to browser updates from third-party vendors. 

D-36415 - ACA/RGA - Crew & Absence Imports no longer work 


We corrected an issue where ACA/RGA Crew & Absence Imports were not functioning. 

D-35481 - JZA - Vacation Extension with two vacation blocks fails 


The Vacation extension should allow three days selected touching a vacation (holidays) block of at least four days in length, but falsely indicated an error. This was corrected. 

D-36538 - DAL - Data Overlay Category Format 


We corrected an issue where the category format was incorrect in Record Type Zero for DAL, which prevented a data upload. 


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