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N-PBS 22-7 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 22-7 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 22-7 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 4 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation


D-35257 - ACA - File not uploading for eligibility

We corrected an issue where the upload during the import of an eligibility file would not complete. 

D-35713 - ACA - WebApp able to add mutually exclusive bids (individually) to Reserve  Bid Group

An issue was occurring where ACA Flight Attendants were able to cut and paste mutually exclusive bids from previous bid periods. This was causing the runs to fail and should not have been permitted. This was corrected.

D-34838 - ALL - WebApp : Consecutive - Add Reserve Bid Group Placement issues

Two instances occurred where the consecutive system bidder displays an issue 'Adding Reserve Bid Group' while: 

  • a bid line is selected in the existing Reserve Bid Group
  • the Add Bid Group button near the top is clicked.


We have resolved the first bug by placing the new reserve bid group below the bid group of the currently selected bid line and above the sysgen reserve bid group.


As for the second bug, the system will no longer split "Start Reserve Bid Group". A new "Start Reserve Bid Group" was added above the selected bid line when closing the bid line editor without clicking the "Apply" button. Now, the system will cancel the operation without creating a new bid group.

D-36964 - ALL - Unable to print more than one page

We corrected an issue where the system would not allow the crewmember to print more than one page of pairings or bids. 

D-36967 - ALL - WebApp toolbar disappears

When users are scrolling down, the gray toolbar scrolls up and disappears from view. This was happening while on any of the menu options:

  • Info
  • Calendar
  • Pairings
  • Bids
  • Results.


This bug has been corrected.

D-35917 - ALL - "If Not Depart On Date" list returns wrong values

It was detected that when in the Pairings Tab and using the "If Not Depart On Date" function, the wrong value was being returned. The system will now display the correct value.

D-35262 - ALL - Invalid error with Slide Vacation  when using system in different time zone

We corrected an issue where DAL pilots were given improper warning/error messages when sliding their vacations to the first day of the bid period. This was occurring for pilots in time zones outside of North America.

D-35339 - ALL - No error reporting for a bad or invalid character in an employee name


Crew files that contained special characters in the crew names were not allowed. Also, Crew Planners were not aware of this problem. This system will now identify an error when a non-ASCII character is part of the import file.

D-36869 - ALL - Slow synchronization times

There were reports of sporadic slow synchronization times over the past few months. In October, it was reported to be especially bad. Once the schedules were published, some of the crewmembers were logging into the WebApp and experiencing synchronization times of 7 to 10 minutes. There are reports of 30 minutes of synchronization. Analyzing the SQL logs confirmed that the requests were taking too much time.


The best way to improve the multi-threading was to increase the number of instances launched by FastCGI in the Apache configuration. On the local environment, we did the following tests:

  • 130 users connecting in 15 seconds
  • ClassBidUI instances 
  • One instance
  • Global average time per user: 122 seconds 
  • 10 ClassBidUI instances 
  • Global average time per user: 46 seconds
  • Performance improvement: approximately 62%.


We will continue to improve the synchronization times for the end user in future development.

S-67297 - ALL - Analyzer total pool incorrectly updating when moving a bid

The Bid Analyzer was not appropriately updating the "Total Potential Awards" when bid preferences were being moved within the bid group. This issue is resolved.



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