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N-PBS 21-2 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 21-2 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 21-2 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-08671 - Dual Qualified Bidders - bid Line numbering Issue 


We've corrected an issue where bidline numbers are incorrect in one of the categories of a dual qualified bidders, and where bids do not refresh after switching categories without first switching tabs. 

D-22704 - WebApp - Forgot Password Request Failing 


We've corrected an issue where the Web Application's Forgot Password request was failing due to a wrong ALC parameter. This error was particular to HAL and HALC. 

D-22853 - WebApp Bug Editing Prefer off Weekends Minimum 


This corrects an issue to the Prefer Off Weekends Minimum bid where values were changed when editing the bidline on its own. The minimum value now remains unchanged when choosing to edit the bidline. 

D-30374 - Reserve Coloring Bid Preference


This corrects a situation where in rare circumstances the post-process reserve coloring did not honor an obvious rearrangement. For example, a junior and a senior crewmember who each have exactly the same reserve days on. The junior crewmember is awarded the short call type which the senior crewmember would have preferred. In this case, a straightforward swap of the two types between the two crewmembers should have occurred, honoring the preference for the senior. 

D-32526 - WebApp Allowing RLL in Disallowed Position 


We've corrected an error where RLL bid groups were allowed to be submitted before unconditional normal pairing bid groups, which was causing errors to be generated in runs. 


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