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N-PBS 21-3 New Releases


N-PBS 21-3 New Releases 

N-PBS 21-3 New Releases 

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Detailed Explanation 


The following information outlines all of the New Features introduced in the Preferential Bidding System (PBS) for release 21-3. 

ALL-Restriction Unstacking 

We have augmented the unstacking capability for the following restricted groups.

  • Position
  • Equipment
  • Location
  • Equipment Position (JBU only)

The system monitors trip stacks (day stacks or point stacks) and credit stacks (covering the whole period) for each item that may require unstacking, in the same way that the language unstacking feature operates. The items that may require unstacking are any of the above groups which have at least one person being restricted and at least one pairing that requires it. This involves supporting fixed position and floating position qualification requirements on the same pairing simultaneously; everything seen relevant to language unstacking within the unstacking report is replicated for the new types of unstacking.

Note the first three groups listed above are shown in all installs. The fourth group (Equipment Position) is shown only in setups that are configured to use Equipment Position Restrictions, such as JBU. Also, note that some customers have a "Disallow credit unstacking" option next to Language Unstacking--this feature is not available with the new functionality.

Epic-ALL-Restriction Unstacking 


S-43779-JBU-SFTP Crew RosterData Output File 

When publishing an award or particular run, JBU setups now provide customer-specific data of the relevant run as requested. The data is provided through Secure File Transfer (SFTP). 

S-53070-QXE-AIMS Absence & Historical File: Assign In Period Pairings as Pre-Award 

For QXE installs, PBS now recognizes pairing activity in the AIMS Absence & History Activity File starting within the current period, rather than ignoring activities beginning in the current period. Pairings are added to the system as non-biddable. 

S-53528 Web App: Clear the PBS Cache 

We've added a feature which compares the PBS version number of the information stored in the browser cache to that of the information stored on the server. If the versions differ, the contents of the browser cache are cleared to maintain compatibility between server and browser for each session. This may result in the loss of saved bids, but does not impact submitted bids. An alert will inform you if the cache will be cleared. This feature is currently available on the following browsers only:

  • Google Chrome for PC
  • Edge for PC
  • Safari on iOS 


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