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Locations Tab

The Locations tab allows you the ability to add, edit, and delete locations directly from the interface. Along with this functionality, Administrators can edit daylight savings time (DST) along with Latitude and Longitude information. Import and export functionality remains, but the .csv file has been reformatted to follow the same layout of the Locations Details screen.  Only locations used by the system (active locations), are stored, thus making the data set smaller to maintain. An active location is any location linked to any data in the database in the present period. Active locations are defined as any base primary location/co-location, pairing leg departure and arrival locations, pairing duty layover locations, training pattern event locations, crewmember restricted locations, activity Start, or End locations.

Note: Absence and Reserve Line activities currently have start and end locations stored in the database that are linked to location records).

For further information, refer to the following articles:

  • Locations Details

  • Add / Edit Locations

  • Import / Export Locations File.


No Invalidation of Runs

When locations are edited, either directly through the User Interface or through the location import, no runs will be invalidated. If Administrators suspect that new location details will alter run results, they should re-import pairing information and relaunch runs.


Valid Location Requirements for Other Functionality

The system will disallow the following (with appropriate error messages):

  • Import of Pairing with duty layover location, or pairing leg arrival or departure location, not present in the database.

  • Import of Training Pattern with Event location not present in the database.

  • Import or manual addition of crewmember restricted Location not present in the database.

  • Creation or editing of Base to have primary location or co-location not present in the database.


User Log Details

The Logs screen shows a message for every manual Add, Edit, or Delete of a location. It specifies the location name, but does not specify exactly what data changed. In the case of a bulk edit, one separate user log entry is created for each location. The Logs screen shows messages when a location file import is done.

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