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Bids Screen Buttons

The following table shows the buttons that you will need to use to create, edit, and analyze your bid preferences.



Remove the bid preference and save it to the clipboard.

Copy a bid preference to the clipboard.

Paste copied or cut bid preference.

Delete the selected bid preference.

Move selected bid preference up. The button is inactive if the preference can't be moved.

Move selected bid preference down. The button is inactive if the preference can't be moved.

Open or close the Bid Preference Editor. You must have a bid group started.

Open the Bid Preference Editor.

Add a bid preference above the selected bid preference.

Add a bid preference below the selected bid preference.

This button is only accessible if you have selected a bid preference. This button opens a list that allows you to cut, copy, delete, edit, or analyze a bid.

Open the bid analyzer with pairing reports below the bid.

Show bid analyzer results in your bid.

Show/Hide analyzer information. Use this to customize the information that is displayed.


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