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N-PBS 22-7 Enhancements


N-PBS 22-7 Enhancements 

N-PBS 22-7 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation


S-68369 - AAY - Pairing import to allow carry-out credit 

An additional field is now present in the Merlot Pairing Import to recognize carry-out credits. For future periods values, you will need to add them together for the total carry-out value. 

S-67421 - ACA - Change Max GDO Min Value

The minimum value of Maximum GDO is now zero. Previously, it was two.

S-53171 - ALL - Expand WebApp calendar view

The WebApp calendar view now expands to include all relevant weeks without users needing to scroll. This is similar to the webUI. You should be able to display six rows of days on-screen without scrolling and the width will remain the same. 


Validated adjustment does not affect two activities on the same day fitting and the calendar still fits on smaller devices. 

S-67664 - CJT - Reserve rest before and after vacations

The ability to set a value (in minutes) of the amount of time required before and after a vacation day or block is now available for CJT.


The new rule is called: RestBeforeAndAfterVacation.


It has two parameters:

  • RestMinutesBeforeVacation
  • RestMinutesAfterVacation.


The initial values should be set to 1440 for both parameters.

S-67325 - GJS - Reserve Max X Blocks Above Y Days On Rule - Pilots

GJS Pilots that are configured with the Reverse Max X Block Above Y days On Rule now have the following parameters:


  • Max Blocks - 1
  • AboveNumDays - 5.


S-63921 - JZA - Departure date config change

The departure date will now be based on the check-in time, rather than the first leg departure time for the JZA configuration.

S-64990 - JZA - 2 DaysOffAfterTrainingToX - Spinner

For JZA, the minimum spinner value for "2 Day Off After Training is now one. Previously, it was zero.


S-66538 - QXE - Remove Relaxation of 2 Blocks of 3 Pilot Reserve

The Relaxation of 2 Blocks of 3 Pilot Reserve is no longer available for QXE. 

S-63534 - UCA - Configuration for Pairing Consecutive MinN rule

An update to the UCA configuration for the Pairing Consecutive MinN rule shows:

  • Min Days 2 Day Range 7
  • Make it Waivable (existing pairing waive bid "2 consecutive days off in 7").


This enhancement is for pilots only.

S-63688 - UCA - Configuration of pilot pairing required day off pattern

An updated configuration for UCA Pilots rules for the pairing required day off pattern is now available.


It is waivable (using the existing waive block of three days off), but is set to completely waive this rule.


The parameters are:

  • MinBlockSizes - 3
  • MinTotalDaysOff - 3.


The Waive bid is called: Waive Block of 3 Days Off.


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