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Set Up General Information

Note: The Add Bidding Info. Entry pane contains an HTML editor. Refer to the HTML Editor article for further information.

The information that appears when crewmembers first log in to the N-PBS Bidder is taken from the information you set up on the Bid Manager / Bidding Info. tab. You need to provide separate information for each category of bidders. This general information about the bid period can include when bidding opens and closes, bulletins, and training details.

To add general information for a bid period:

  1. Click the Bid Manager tab.

  2. Click the Bidding Info. tab.

  3. Select the bid period from the Bid Manager for dropdown.

  4. Click the Add button.

  1. Click a radial button under the For section:

    1. Select All to post a message to all categories.

    2. Select Categories to post a message to the selected category or categories.

    3. Select Combo to post a message to a combination of categories.

  2. Type or paste a message in the Edit Bidding Info. Entry input field.

Note: You can’t copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word because Word adds extra formatting information to the text when you copy it from within the Word document. However, you can save a Word document as a text (.txt) file and open it in another package, such as Notepad, and copy and paste from there.

  1. Click the Save button.

If necessary, repeat this procedure to post separate messages to different categories.

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