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N-PBS 22-3 Enhancements


N-PBS 22-3 Enhancements 

N-PBS 22-3 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

S-64211 AAY - Improve Schedule Report to Handle 6 to 9 character pairing numbers


This enhancement of the schedule report for a 31 day bid period allows 6 to 9 character pairing numbers to be displayed without being malformed. 

S-62011 NKS - Configure Forget/Redo


NKS is now configured for the Forget/Redo Bid functionality. 

S-60078 QXE - Add Buddy Bid ID's


For QXE installs, Buddy Bidding IDs now appear in the Bid Manager Tab.

S-63204 QXE - Configure FAR 121.467b_13 Look Back


QXE installs are now configured for the FAR_121_467b_13_Look Back Flag.

S-63532 UCA - Configure Line Check Airmen Bid Preference


UCA systems are now configured for the Award/Avoid Line Checkairmen bid preference. 

S-62004 CJT/POE/FLE - CAR 700.29(1)(c)(i)(ii) Max Number of Hours Worked (Rest) for Reserve


We've created two new CAR rules within PBS:


1. Updated Free From Duty rules:

  • 700.29 (1)(c)(i) 1 single day free from duty in any 168 consecutive hours; the lookback is from the end of any duty period including from the end of a reserve day.
  • 700.29 (1)(c)(ii) 4 single days free from duty in any 672 consecutive hours.
  • The rules include a parameter to allow administrators to apply a buffer (in minutes) to the hard rule. The buffer parameter is BufferMinutes.

2. The lookback is from the end of any duty period:

  • A single day is defined as a day between 2 local nights rest.
  • Local nights rest is defined as at least 9 hours between the hours of 22:30 and 09:30 acclimatized local time.
  • Lookback takes place from end of duties in pairings or absences with "work for duty flag" or reserve days on.
  • NAVBLUE assumes that acclimatized local night is defined using the crewmembers current acclimatized location at the beginning of the local night. For reserve rules, we assume a crewmember is acclimatized to base location throughout the period. 

S-64566 ACA - Make Equipment/Position/LocationGroup Unstacking Configurable


For ACA, there are 4 new PBS settings:

  1. Disallow Equipment Unstacking
  2. Disallow Position Unstacking
  3. Disallow Equipment Position Unstacking
  4. Disallow Location Unstacking.0.


All are set to True. For any customer without these options, the system continues to offer these types of unstacking when one of these options is true:

  • The relevant type of unstacking does not display on the run parameter screen.
  • The relevant type of unstacking is not considered by the scheduler.

S-34554 RGA - Add Consecutive Reserve to Config


For RGA, we've added Consecutive Reserve Module to their Configuration.

S-60678 RGA - Reserve UDO Allocation

For RGA, we've added UDO functionality to reserve awards similar to pairing allocation.

S-60176 UCA - Enhanced Crew Roster Data Output Report


For UCA, we've configured the Crew Roster Data Output with the following additions:

  • New field Total In-Period Block Time (will be output for all people in the file).
  • A new field Unstacked, for each individual award appears on each individual award that is output, saying either "true" or "false". Unstacked Pairing and Reserve awards will read "true". 
  • New field Unstacked, for each person appears for each person overall, meaning "did this person get any unstacked award?".
  • New field WindowType, for each person (will be blank for people that did not get a pairing line). Possible values are as below. These are all the WindowTypes used in PBS, but not all of these are relevant to JBU or UCA:
  • Normal
  • MinCredit
  • MaxCredit
  • OverSchedule
  • ReducedLowerLimit
  • ReducedRegularLine
  • MinCreditReducedRegularLine
  • MaxCreditReducedRegularLine
  • PureSplitDuty
  • MixedLine.

Note that the WindowType itself will not indicate if a person is ReducedBlock. Rather there is a separate existing field "UseReducedBlock". For example, if a person has UseReducedBlock true and WindowType MinCredit, it can be derived that this person would have used the ReducedBlock MinCredit window.

An issue where BlockTimeSummaries were being output with no Name, and with Start and End DateTime being the current time (when the report was generated) is corrected to output Name "BlockTimeSummary", and to show the correct Start and End DateTime (of the BlockTimeSummary activity).

S-62340 ASA - Add Absence Code to Rules

For ASA, the absence codes parameter of all the six rules which all have lists of absence codes (including RT,DT,RQ, etc...) are augmented with the following training codes:

  • FRP
  • FQP
  • FRF
  • FQF
  • FCTF. 


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