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N-LBS Awarding Logic

This section describes the Line Awarding logic. The scheduler will award lines in two stages.

Stage 1

In this stage the scheduler awards lines to bidders that have bid for lines (provided the line they bid for is available at their seniority level). The scheduler looks at each bidder’s entered preferences in seniority order. A crewmember is skipped if they have not bid for a line or if the line or lines bid for cannot be awarded (due to being awarded senior).

With this awarding a logic, a junior crewmember that enters a bid may receive a line over a more senior crewmember that does not enter a bid.

Stage 2

During the second stage, all lines not awarded in stage 1 are awarded in seniority order. All crewmembers remaining (those not awarded a line during stage 1) are assigned lines in order.

For example, after stage 1, there are 5 lines and 5 crewmembers remaining. These lines are numbered 8, 12, 14, 17 and 18. Line 8 is awarded to the most senior crewmember. The rest of the lines are assigned until line 18 is awarded to the most junior. If there are more crewmembers than lines, the most junior crewmember(s) won’t be awarded a line.

Reasons Report

These reasons are shown from Stage 2 of awards.

Awarded to a bidder preference – this reason is displayed when a line went to crewmember during Stage 1 (either senior or junior).

Awarded to senior bidder – this reason is displayed when a line is awarded to a senior bidder.

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