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Training Module Overview

The N-PBS Training Module allows you to bid for training patterns according to your individual likes and dislikes.

The bids that you submit using the N-PBS Bidder are submitted to the N-PBS Scheduler. Your bids and the training events and other parameters in the N-PBS Scheduler added by your administrator are used to automatically award training patterns for the bid period.

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The N-PBS Scheduler considers each crewmember’s seniority and bid when awarding training patterns. It ensures that the awarded training events meet as many crewmember preferences as possible, while also meeting legal requirements and the airline’s targets for training utilization. Training patterns are awarded strictly according to the seniority and training state of each bidder with the most senior bidder’s training pattern awarded first and the most junior bidder’s training pattern awarded last. There are three training requirement states: Must Go, May Go, and Early (Early is not used in all configurations). Your administrator sets your training state based on your requirements.

Along with your awarded training patterns, the N-PBS Bidder provides a Reasons Report that identifies whether or not each bid preference was fulfilled. It also provides detailed explanations for awards and denials.


  • When you log in to the N-PBS Bidder, you will be notified on the Info page if you have training requirements. Refer to the Training Requirements article for further details.

  • Administrator allocation requirements must be met and take top priority. This means bid preferences can be denied to meet these requirements, however, senior bid preferences are not denied to meet bid preferences of junior crew members. Refer to the Training Processing Logic for further information.

  • When you click the Submit button, you are submitting your Current, Default, and Training (if you have the Training module) bid to the N-PBS Scheduler. When you submit your bid, you may see a message that not all bids have been submitted. The submit message will tell you what has been submitted and what hasn't. For example, if you submit a Default bid while Current bidding is closed, you will see a message that your Default bid has been submitted, but your Current has not. You will always receive a confirmation number for any bid that has been submitted.

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