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Group Vacation Codes

Note: Group Vacation Codes are not used in all configurations. Contact your administrators for more information on which codes are grouped together.

Administrators have the ability to group vacation codes. When grouped together, these codes share the same label. These vacation codes must slide together if they belong to the same group and the dates touch. If a Vacation code belongs to a group, the group label is always shown on the bid option even if only one type of vacation is assigned. However, the individual code is shown on your calendar.


Let’s assume AVAC and BVAC are grouped together with a label of CVAC (these are not real codes and are used for illustration purposes only).

If AVAC is assigned from Jan 5-11 and BVAC is assigned from Jan 11-18,  these two weeks of vacation must be slid together and will appear on the Slide Vacation bid as CVAC. Refer to the Group Label article for further information.

Vacation codes from the same group can slide separately if the dates of the two blocks do not touch. If AVAC is assigned from Jan 5-11 and BVAC is assigned from Jan 12-19. AVAC could be slid back away from BVAC, while BVAC could be slid forward or not at all. The two weeks cannot slide past each other. 

If you wanted the first week to slide 5 days forward, you would have to bid for BVAC to slide as well. In this example, it would be important to bid to slide the second (BVAC) week first. If you bid to slide the first week first, the N-PBS Scheduler could not honor this bid because it would slide into the second week. The Reasons Report would indicate this as Not Used. Note: the group label will still be shown when bidding. You can tell the vacation apart by the start date of the vacation.

Vacation codes grouped under different labels can slide separately, even if the dates touch.

Vacation codes grouped under the same label that cross bid periods with dates that touch cannot slide. For example, you could not slide vacation if you had AVAC assigned from Dec 25 to Jan 7 - assuming the new bid period starts Jan 1.

Reminder: If a vacation cannot bid slide, you will be able to bid for it. Absence dates are underlined in your calendar. Slidable absences are bold and underlined in the calendar when you enter the slide vacation bid. Refer to the Slide Vacation article for further information.

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