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N-PBS 21-4 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 21-4 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 21-4 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-32786 ACA - WebApp: Unable to submit training bids 

An error where the Sysgen Award Training Bid Line was absent from the UI, thereby preventing the submission of bids to the system was corrected. Bids are now added above the Award Training Bid, and the UI remains intact. 

D-34181 ALL - WebApp Bid Preference Check Boxes 

An issue that only allowed successful selection of preference check boxes from the right side of the box in all tabs is corrected. Selection of check boxes is now possible from anywhere in the box. 

D-34191 ASH / MXY - Both Long/Short Call Types must be added in order to select Reserve 

For MXY and ASH, we corrected an issue where if only long OR short call types were added, you were not able to select the Reserve Call Type from the drop down menu in the web app. 

D-34269 ACA - WebApp Pairing Number Depart On Bid Issue for Dual Qualified Bidder 

An error which disallowed the addition of Pairing Number Depart on Bids with a Pairing as departing date has been corrected. This applied to dual qualified bidders who could not select pairings with only one position. 

D-34574 ACA - WebApp - Unable to load Bids if reserve call types not configured 

For ACA, we've corrected an issue where N-PBS disallowed Bids to be loaded if Reserve Call Types were not configured. 

D-34575 ACA - WebApp Able to add mutually exclusive bids to Reserve Bid Group 

For ACA, we've corrected an issue where bidders were able to add mutually exclusive bids to Reserve Bid Group which should not have been permitted. 

D-34684  WebApp: 'If Not Redeye' editing Issue in a special scenario 

We've corrected an issue in the Web App where you could not edit the Award/Avoid Pairing If Not Redeye properly due to the system removing the word 'Not'. This happened only when a bid was submitted in the Web UI, and edited in the Web App. 

D-34693 - DAL / ASA - Web App : Any/ Every Layover Bid editing issue 

For DAL / ASA, an error where you were unable to properly edit the Award/Avoid Pairing If Every Layover condition if more than one layover condition existed in the bid is corrected. This occurred because the system implicitly replaced the word "Every" with "Any". 

D-34695 - POE - Web App : Unable to add Waive Vacation GDO bid 

For POE, an error where you were not able to add a Waive Vacation bid is corrected. 

D-34817 - HALC - Exception in HALC runs when language only required by historical pairing 

For HALC, an error where the runs in the category (LAX-ALL-FA) would encounter an exception in the scheduler which lead to a red X error on the Completed Runs tab and the error message "Could not find LangIndex for LangCode SM" is corrected. This impacted only situations where a language for which some historical pairings have a requirement existed, but no biddable pairings had a requirement. 


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