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Combine Output Reports

Combine 2B Output Files with Unique ADJ Numbers

The ability to combine reports is not available for all customers.

The Output sub tab on the Reports tab allows you to generate combined output files for a pilot category. You can select a starting line number for the Division ADJ numbers on the combined output file. The Output tab has a similar look and buttons to generate output files with added options to select a base, crew type, and starting line numbers.

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You can generate all output files from this screen or from the Output sub tab on the Completed tab.

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  • A - Base: A dropdown list that allows you to select the base.

  • B - Crew Type: A dropdown list that allows you to select the crew type (Pilot or Cabin).

  • C - Starting Line Number: A text box that allows you to enter the starting Division ADJ number. The default starts at 1000.

  • D - Runs: This field displays the published runs that will have the output files combined. You can only publish one run per category.

Only published runs are displayed here; the pane will be blank if no runs are published.

To generate a combined report:

1. Complete and publish runs for a category. Only published runs display in the Runs pane.

2. Use the Base dropdown to select a base option. Published runs are displayed in the Runs pane.

3. Use the Crew Type dropdown to select a crew option.

4. Use the Starting Line Number input field by manually entering the numbers in or using the up and down arrows.

5. Click Generate Emp to Bid File (2B) button to create the 2B output.


  • The Division ADJ number will exceed four digits if you select a Starting Line Number that is too high.

  • You can generate output files for published FA runs from this screen; however, the Starting Line Number is ignored. The Division ADJ number for these runs always start at 1,000 regardless of what is placed in the field.

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