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Schedule the Open and Close of Bidding

Reminder: These instructions apply to training categories as well. Training is not available in all configurations.

Once you have imported your data and updated the general information for a bid period, you can automate the open and closing of bidding time by designating a schedule. As a reminder, crewmembers can submit Default bids at any time, but bidding must be open to submit their Current bids.

Note: You may need to edit employee or pairing data, or make other changes to data or configuration before opening bidding. Review the Occasional Administrative Tasks (OAT) category for explanations of  non-standard or occasional tasks that may need to be performed. Depending on your environment and processes, these tasks may need to be performed more or less frequently.

You can switch to the Reports tab to view a report of all the pairings for this bid period, if you want to double-check your data before opening the bidding to crewmembers.

Manual opening and closing of bidding supersedes the schedule functionality. You can manually open or close bidding, but changing bid status overrides any scheduled billing already set.

To open bidding for a single category:

  1. Switch to the Bid Manager tab.

  2. Switch to the Availability tab, if it isn’t currently displayed.

  3. Switch to the Bidding Schedule sub-tab.

  4. From the Select Categories Drop-down list, select ALL OR By Base to use all categories or select the particular Base you want to schedule. By default, all categories are used.

  5. Designate the Open At values using the appropriate drop-down boxes and fields.

  6. Designate the Close At values using the appropriate drop-down boxes and fields.

Note: The Open At and Close At settings contain a Manually check box. Ensure this is selected to override the scheduled times. You can deselect it to resume the schedule. If you are setting a schedule, this box must be unchecked before you can make changes. You must click Save for changes to take effect.

If you have selected a particular Base, change its respective category values in the table below using the same process.

7. Click the Save button.


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