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Prepare a Bid Period

Preparing a bid period is the first step in activating the next bid period. Preparing a period does two important things:

  • It separates the prepared bid period’s data from the active bid period’s data.

  • It prepares the bid period for you to import data into it.

Until you prepare a bid period, the data in the active bid period and in all other unprepared periods is the same. When you prepare a bid period, you unlink the prepared bid period from the active period, so changes made to either bid period’s data doesn’t affect the other bid period. Once the data is unlinked, you can import data into the prepared bid period without affecting the active bid period.


To prepare a bid period:

  1. Click the Periods tab.

  2. Select the period you want to prepare.

  3. Click the Prepare button.

The N-PBS Scheduler displays a check mark in the Prepared column when the period is prepared.


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