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N-PBS 23-6 Enhancements


N-PBS 23-6 Enhancements 

N-PBS 23-6 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 7 minutes to complete.


Detailed Explanation 

RHEL 8 Modification to Change Bid Functionality

There are documentation changes for RHEL8. 

S-75156 - ACA - Enable Change Bid for admin 

The Change Bid function is now available in ACA's configuration.


S-76072 - ALL - Modify Pairing-Overlap and Training-Overlap rules to avoid problem with Vacation GDOs 

The function of the Pairing-Overlap and Training-Overlap rules are now different.

  • The Pairing-Overlap rule only applies to pairs of activities where at least one of them is a newly-awarded Pairing Instance or an "equity reserve" absence (which only exists in equity runs). 
  •  The Training-Overlap rule only applies to pairs of activities where at least one of them is a newly-awarded TrainingPatternInstance.


The new use of rules contrasts with the previous operation of this function. Previously, the rule was applied to any two activities, where at least one of them was a scheduler-awarded activity that was not a slidable absence.

Note: The Rules Reference Manual sections for these two rules will be updated.


S-75138 - ASA - Rename the import file names for both Pilots (CA/FO) and Cabin Crew (FA) 

For ASA, there are changes to the dropdown menu entries: Display table name and name changes.

  • Maestro Crew is now JCTE Crew[I5] for crew.
  • JCTE Crew [O3 Planned Absences] is now JCTE Absences [O3] for both Pilots and crew.

S-70624 - ASA Pilots - Add MidnightOffSet parameter to Max Days On rule 

The Add The MidnightOffSet parameter is now added to the Pairing - MaxDaysOn rule. The MidnightOffSet parameter affects the end of activities, including both pairings and working absences. The midnight offset is specified in minutes. Any activity that ends at or before 00:00 plus the midnight offset, and starts on an earlier day, is treated as ending on the previous day. It does not count as work for the next day.

For example, a setting of 120 minutes causes any activity ending at or before 02:00 (technically, starting on the previous day) to be treated as ending on the previous day.


The value for ASA Pilots is 119 minutes, whereas, it is zero for all other roles at ASA.  

S-73509 - ASA Pilots - Separate I3 export in two parts - I3 Pairing Line Holder and I3 Reserve Line Holder 

You can now export the I3 Pairing Export and I3 Reserve Export files separately for ASA Pilots. Before, both were in one I3 import file. 


To do so:

  1. Run the scheduler.
  2. Go to Run Manager and click Completed.
  3. Select an entry from Completed that starts with Reserve.
  4. Click the One run button.
  5. Select the Reports button.
  6. Click the Outputs button.

    Note: For this screen, we have replaced the button Generate JCTE Roster Output by two buttons:
    Generate JCTE Roster Output-Pairings and Absences and Generate JCTE Roster Output-Reserves respectively. 


The crewAttribute is a designator based on which the files will be separated.The crewAttribute for Pairing and Absences file are FCOB, FEXL, FFRL, FINL, FLNH, FSAL, FMAT, FMED, FPRL, FUNQ, whereas the crewAttribute for the Reserve file is FRSV. Note: Both files should be in the .xml format.


S-74220 - ASA Pilots - Configure Waive Minimum Required Days Off By 

The Waive Minimum Required Days Off By rule is configured for ASA Pilots.

S-71437 - AAY - AAY/AAYP clean up 

A clean up of the AAY and AYY Pilots (AAYP) configurations is finished. All irrelevant Pilot and cabin details are removed from the associated configurations.  

S-72531 - AAY Pilots - Remove Mixed Lines from configuration 

The Mixed Line Bid Group option is no longer available in the AAYP configuration. The module is now "consecutive" instead of "consecutive mixed lines". The Mixed Lines are removed from:

  • the Statistics (Stats) report
  • the Dynamic Stats report
  • the lower left pane.  

S-74155 - AAY Pilots - Remove Vacation Slide from configuration

The Vacation Slide function is no longer available for AAYP. 


S-73076 - CJT - Automatic Vacation GDO 

The Automatic Vacation GDO's function is now enhanced. Biddable STAT and/or Vacation Day has adjacent GDO's awarded according to the following:

  • Stat days and Vacation days are interchangeable.
  • Blocks of three or more will have two GDO's placed before and after days awarded.
  • Blocks of less than three days will have GDO's placed after the days awarded.  

S-74122 - HAL Pilots - Add a third set of Pilot rules 

A third set of Pilot rules is now implemented in the HAL configuration for their cargo operation named HAL-Pilots-Cargo. The International Rules were copied to create this set of pilot rules.  

S-74150 - HAL Pilots - Configure for reserve coloring 

The HAL Pilot system now has reserve coloring available and can be seen in the Stats and Dynamic Stats reports, as well as, verified relevant stats show in the Stats report. Also, the Set Condition Bids of Long Call and Short Call are added.

S-75800 - MXY - Mixed Lines configuration

For MXY, a change is implemented to change over to consecutive reserve. Also, the Mixed Lines are now configured.

There is an upgrade script which:

  • must run before anyone is imported into the current period. The upgrade script checks that every bidder is disabled in the database (not imported into the current period); otherwise the upgrade fails.
  • will delete the default bids of everyone in the current period (see upgrade 1.551 when it was done for JBU).
  • will automatically set MXY to Consecutive Mixed lines for the current active period.


The baseline configuration for MXY is changed from Concurrent to Consecutive Mixed lines. The bid configuration has changed to add Mixed Lines Bid Groups. Also, Mixed Lines stats are added to the Stats report (8 items), the Dynamic Stats report (8 items), and the Quick Stats window (lower left window)(2 items).

 Additional changes:

  • the existing Set Condition Max Above line condition bid (for reserve groups) must be removed, as this is only applicable to concurrent runs.
  • the StartSimpleReserve bid must be added, configured with "MaxAbove".
  • the Unstacking report needs to be configured with 2 Consecutive Reserve stats..
  • the Acceptance Criteria have also been updated to include the new requirements.

S-75268 - N-OC Customers - Update GetRosterRequest to get all roster activities 

The GetRosterRequest has been updated for the N-Ops & Crew (N-OC) team to show the RosterType parameter as optional. This was done so all roster activities are imported. In the image below, the parameter is highlighted. 



S-72495 - SCX Job - 146 Export modification 

Modifications have been made to SCX's Job 146 Export to accommodate their needs. Job 146 is found in the Reports tab under the Output option.

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