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Slide Vacation

A Slide Vacation bid allows you to request pre-awarded vacation or slidable absences equal to, or a range of days. A Slide Vacation bid instructs the N-PBS Scheduler to shift the entire block of absences or vacation.

  • Bold and underlined dates indicate slidable absences.

  • You must enter separate Slide Vacation bids if you have more than one block of vacation and you wish to slide each block.

  • You can only request to slide an absence once.

  • If you don't have pre-awarded vacation/slidable absences, you cannot enter a Slide Vacation bid.


  • Slide Vacation is automatically placed at the top of your bid or bid group and cannot be moved below Award or Avoid Bids or forgotten. It can be moved above or below other Set Condition bids. Administrators set the number of days that vacation can be moved.

  • Administrators have the ability to group vacation codes, grouped codes have different characteristics. See the Group Vacation Codes article for more information.

Vacation that carries out of period: You can bid to slide the in-period portion of your vacation. You cannot bid to slide the portion of your vacation that is out of the period.

The N-PBS interface will not allow you to:

  • request more days or ranges than set by the Administrator

  • overlap the start or end of a bid period

  • overlap slidable absences/vacation with non-slidable absences

  • enter a range that goes from negative to a positive

  • enter a range that includes 0

  • enter a range with the same start and end values.

Slide Vacation Bid

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