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Minimum Base Layover

Minimum Base Layover  tells the N-PBS Scheduler to create a block that provides a minimum amount of layover time at your base between pairings. The minimum length for the base layover is set in hours and minutes. It can be placed anywhere in a bid group above an Award Pairings bid preference. All pairings placed on your line below a Minimum Base Layover bid will be required to comply with the minimum time between pairings.


  • A Minimum Base Layover bid cannot be forgotten and must be placed above all Award Pairings Bid Preference. It is a global bid that affects all pairings awarded. Time Off Before or After bid preferences are available that provide the same functionality as a Minimum Base Layover bid without the need to forget the bid later on. Refer to the Time Off Before or After article for further information on the bid preference.

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