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Open Bidding for a Single Category

Reminder: These instructions apply to training categories as well. Training is not available in all configurations.

Once you have imported your data and updated the general information for a bid period, you need to open bidding to allow the crewmembers to submit their bid preferences for the bid period. As a reminder, crewmembers can submit Default bids at any time, but you need to open bidding so they can submit their Current bids.

Note: You may need to edit employee or pairing data, or make other changes to data or configuration before opening bidding. See the Occasional Administrative Tasks (OAT) category. This category explains non-standard or occasional tasks that may need to be performed. Depending on your environment and processes, these tasks may need to be performed more or less frequently.

You can switch to the Reports tab to view a report of all the pairings for this bid period, if you want to double-check your data before opening the bidding to crewmembers.

To open bidding for a single category:

  1. Switch to the Bid Manager tab.

  2. Switch to the Availability tab, if not already selected.

  3. Switch to the Bidding Status sub-tab, if not already selected.

  4. From the Closed column, select the category you want to open for bidding. The selected category is highlighted blue.

  5. Move the category to the Open column by clicking the << button. The N-PBS Scheduler asks you to confirm that you want to open the category.

  6. Click the OK button.

The selected category is moved to the Open column and is available to crewmembers when they log in to the N-PBS Slider.

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