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N-PBS 22-5 Enhancements


22-5 Enhancements 

22-5 Enhancements 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

S-65096     - JBU - Removal of a Cabin Rule 


The Pairing-MInN (1 in 7) is removed. The corresponding waive bid is also removed. (The upgrade which introduces this change will remove existing instances of this waive bid from cabin crew member bids.)

 The existing rule Pairing-Far_121_467b_13 remains. 

S-64278     - JBU - Cabin Blackout Dates 


An enhancement now allows for two separate sets of blackout dates:

  • Blackout dates for pilot
  • Blackout dates for cabin


 This results in the following UI and scheduler changes:


Admin UI
A drop-down menu allows the Planner to select Cabin or Pilot. Then, planners can edit blackout dates for the relevant crew type.

Bidder UI
The existing WebApp functionality for pilots (showing blackout dates in red only the calendar, and disallowing a slide vacation bid from sliding a vacation newly onto a blackout date) remains available for pilots, and now also works for cabin crew members. In each case, the function uses the relevant blackout dates for the bidder's crew type.

 The scheduler run continues to enforce blackout dates. That is, the scheduler does not allow slide vacation bid to slide a vacation newly onto a blackout date, but uses the relevant blackout dates for the run's crew type only. 

S-66968     - ALL - PBS Refresh Handling 


To prevent application locking, the Refresh function has been revised to adjust the timing of the initialization code.  

S-65495     - CJT - Enhance Pairing-GroupedFreeDaysB Rule 


Activities marked as Counts as Pairing GDO now count towards the total count as well as the groups. 

S-64826     - AAY - Addition of Pilot Group to Existing Configuration 


A Pilot group has been added to the existing configuration.


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