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Administering the N-PBS Scheduler

As an administrator in the N-PBS Scheduler, you can:

  • import and edit data, including

    • crew data

    • pairing data

    • historical data

    • carry-ins

    • vacation

    • training

    • leaves of absence.

  • pre-assign pairings to specific crewmembers.

  • identify specific crewmembers as ineligible bidders or shadow bidders.

  • open, monitor, and close bidding.

  • produce multiple scheduling runs on the same data and evaluate the results.

  • select and publish a final schedule, and output the final schedule to your crew tracking system.

When producing schedule runs, you have a number of features available to you:

  • you can create a set of standard templates to base runs on, with different options for target credit windows, minimum and maximum credit windows, legality and buffer parameter values, etc.

Note: Each category is run separately and you can set parent-child relationships between categories. For example, a parent-child relationship would ensure that all of the IC pairings CA pairings were awarded before an FA run was done.

Reminder: Parent Runs are not used in all configurations.

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