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Prefer Off Weekends


  • This bid is not available in all configurations. If you don't see this option, it is not available.

  • A Prefer Off Weekend bid cannot be forgotten.


A Prefer Off Weekend bid allows you to bid for a complete weekend off, a weekend is Saturday and Sunday. With this bid, Saturday and Sunday are considered a single item. This is unlike other Prefer Off bids which treat each day in the bid individually.



The minimum option lets you add a minimum number to the Prefer Off Weekend bid. For example, with a Prefer Off Weekend Minimum 2, the N-PBS Scheduler will attempt to award you 2 weekends off. If you do not add a Minimum option, the N-PBS Scheduler attempts to award you all weekends off.

The Minimum option becomes beneficial if you cannot hold all weekends off. You can request a realistic number of weekends off without having to choose which specific weekends. This means that lower preference bids do not have to be denied in a failed attempt to get all weekends off. With other Prefer Off bids, such as Prefer Off Saturday, Sunday, Denial Mode could award you a schedule where you have to work all Saturdays and have all Sundays off, or any other combination of alternating Saturday and Sundays off. With the Prefer Off Weekend bid you might have to work 2 full weekends, but you might have 2 weekends off as well.


Key Points

  • A weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday midnight to midnight.

  • Weekends with non-working pre-awards are counted as weekends off. Please refer to the Non-Working Pre-Awards article.

  • Weekends with working pre-awards are not considered. 

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