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Total Legs in First Duty

Bid for or avoid pairings in which a pairing contains a total number of duty legs on the first day greater than, equal to, or less than a specific number, or within or outside a range. You can also choose to count deadhead legs when determining the number of duty legs on the first day of a pairing.


Note: Total Legs in First Duty > 0 will not return a pairing with a pure-deadhead duty on the first day of the pairing.


Award Pairings bid example

Award Pairings If Total Legs in Pairing In First Duty = 2 legs

  • It awards pairings if the number of duty legs in the pairing is equal to two.


Avoid Pairings bid example

Avoid Pairings If Total Legs In First Duty > 4 legs

  • It filters out any pairings with more than four legs on the first day or the pairing.

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