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The N-PBS Scheduler Awarding Process

The N-PBS Bidder allows crewmembers create and submit the bids that are used by the N-PBS Scheduler to create a flying schedule for a bid period. The N-PBS Scheduler begins by building the block of the most senior crewmember and works down through the seniority list until all blocks have been built. To build each block, the N-PBS Scheduler determines which pairings could fulfill a bid preference and also considers whether or not any of the potential pairings fall on a day that has a large number of unassigned pairings. As the N-PBS Scheduler evaluates each bid preference, it may shuffle pairings around on a block, or substitute equivalent pairings, to ensure that as many bid preferences as possible are being met.

Some Processing Notes:

  • A junior crew member should not be assigned a pairing or day off that a senior member specifically requested and did not receive. This rule may be overridden in cases where a senior crewmember must be denied a pairing or day off to ensure block completion (both their own block and that of more junior crewmembers).

  • Specific crew member requests that conflict with pre-awards are also denied.

  • The N-PBS Scheduler does not attempt an exhaustive search for every bid preference in every bid because the system needs to balance the number of bid preference combinations it attempts against the amount of time taken to generate the schedule. The N-PBS Scheduler does not guarantee the most possible pairings for a single bid preference, although this result is usually achieved.

Depending on the parameters you have set, the N-PBS Scheduler stops adding pairings to a block when the total credit value is above either the minimum credit value or the threshold credit value of the credit window (even if there are more bid preferences left). The N-PBS Scheduler does not add pairings to a block that conflict with any pre-awarded items. If you set a threshold, the N-PBS Scheduler tries to get every block above the threshold value. However, as long as a block is above the minimum credit value, the N-PBS Scheduler does not go into Denial mode to get the block above the threshold credit value.

Note: You set minimum and target credit values for regular, minimum, and maximum credit windows. If a Crewmember requests a maximum credit block, the N-PBS Scheduler may go into Denial mode if the block is not above the minimum credit for a maximum credit block, regardless if the block may be above the minimum credit of a minimum or regular credit block.

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