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Vacation Any

A Set Condition Vacation Any bid temporarily removes vacation from your block when building it. The N-PBS Scheduler builds your block using regular processing logic and then places the vacation back on your block in any place that it can fit (a rule is put in place to ensure that enough off days remain to put the vacation back on your block). Your block is built to the credit window minus the amount of credit that the vacation is worth.

When your block is complete the N-PBS Scheduler places your vacation back on:

  • if available, the vacation is put back in its original location.

  • if necessary, the vacation will be split but is split as little as possible.

  • carry out and carry in vacation can be split.


  • Vacation Any is automatically placed at the top of your bid or bid group and cannot be moved below Award or Avoid Bids or forgotten. It can be moved above or below other Set Condition bids.

  • Vacation Any is only available in Pairing Bid Groups.

  • The Reasons Report will state Honored on a Vacation Any bid, even if it is placed back in its original position.

You cannot add a Vacation Any and Slide Vacation bid in the same bid group. Vacation Any is only used in the bid group that it is entered in. If  a Start Next Bid Group is triggered through another bid the vacation is placed back on the line and the N-PBS Scheduler moves to the next bid group and begins to process it.

If a vacation needs to be split into multiple activities no other vacation activity is awarded in between (if possible).  For example, the N-PBS Scheduler will not award a QVAC vacation between the award of a PVAC vacation that has been split into two activities. 

The N-PBS Scheduler first attempts to put vacation back on its original location, in some instances an activity can be awarded back in its original state and a second vacation will need to be split up around the first vacation.

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