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Set the Active Bid Period

You need to set an active bid period, so bidders can log in and submit their bids for the correct bid period. As a reminder, many of the changes that you make elsewhere in the system are specific to the active bid period.

Note: Only prepared bid periods can be activated.

Warning: Once you change the active period, the previous active period becomes historical and can no longer be changed. You can still do runs on inactive periods, but you can’t publish completed runs or make other changes to the data.

To set the active bid period:

  1. Click the Periods tab.

  2. Select the bid period you want as the active bid period. If you haven’t created the bid period yet, refer to the Prepare a Bid Period article for further information.

  3. Click the Activate button.

The N-PBS Scheduler highlights a red line around the selected bid period to indicate that it is active.

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The start and end dates identify the beginning and end of the bid period. The deactivation date identifies the date and time that the bid period was deactivated (when the next bid period was activated). When you view data from a deactivated period, the data from this date and time is displayed.

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