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N-PBS 23-3 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 23-3 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 23-3 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-35255 - ALL - WebApp allowing Condition bids below Award bids

An issue is now resolved where the WebApp allows the Set Conditions bid to be placed below an Award bid. This, in turn, causes the run to abort.






D-38372 - ALL - Scheduler using wrong values when given blank or NaN for Reserve Short/Long Call values  

When the Admin User Interface (UI) allows a run to be launched with a Reserve Short Call Type Target Height by Day value blank (which is a separate bug, D-38371), the Scheduler should use zero for that value. Currently, it is using the value from a previous date. 


For example, if an Administrator edits a value to be blank, the first image is how it displays. 


As soon as the administrator clicked anywhere else on the screen, the box changed to show zero instead of blank. However, if the Scheduler launches the run, the actual parameter still has the previous value. The second image shows the "Stats" report after the run is complete. This issue has been resolved.

D-38373 - ALL - Down icon in Bid page (current tab)

In the Bids page on the Current tab, the down arrow (in the top tool row) became disabled in certain cases. This is now corrected for all users.


D-39206 - ALL - Admin UI and WebApp mismatch with Forget Line bid

In the WebApp, the Forget Line Bids are not matching those in the Admin UI. This causes the runs to abort. This issue is now resolved.






D-38315 - JZA - Unable to extend vacation one day before 

When a bidder wants to add an Extension Vacation bid, they are not able to select the day before the start of the vacation. In the example below, the underlined dates are vacation days, and the green dates are the days the bidder can select to extend their vacation. The bidder cannot select May 10, May 17, and May 24, and they would need to be in green to allow for selection. Also, May 31st has the possibility of extension for the three days in case of JZA. 


This bug is now fixed.




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