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Redo from Line

Note: This bid is not available in all configurations. If you don't see this option, it is not available.

What does Redo from Line do?

  • Tells the N-PBS Scheduler to return to a specific Award Pairings bid preference and start processing your bid again.

  • Must be used in combination with a Forget bid preference. Redo From has no effect unless one or more Avoid Pairings or Prefer Off bid preferences have been removed using a Forget bid preference.

  • Pairings that have already been awarded are not removed from your block.

  • Redo From must start at an Award Pairings bid that falls between the forgotten Avoid Pairings or Prefer Off bid preference and the Forget bid preference; for example, if bid preference 9 in your bid is Forget 3, then your Redo from bid preference must start somewhere between bid preferences 4 and 8.

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