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N-PBS 23-6 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 23-6 Bugs 

N-PBS 23-6 Bugs 

We estimate that this will take 3 minutes to complete.


Detailed Explanation 

D-38009 - ALL - Days of Week Out of Alignment on Pairings Screen 

The issue on PC in Chrome browser on the Pairings screen with the window size set at particular points, where the days of the week were not lining up properly with the days of the month, has been resolved. If the issue appears and you change the browser, zoom in on the browser and the issue will be fixed. See below for an example. 

 A screenshot of a computer

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D-40783 - RHEL8 - WebApp - Allow timeout to log User out  - cannot log back in      

We corrected an issue where if the user logged into the WebApp and the system timed out due to inactivity, the user could not log back in and the screen was left in an unusable state.


D-40781 - RHEL8 - WebApp - Unauthorized User Allowed Access? 

The issue which allowed an unauthorized User full WebApp access has been resolved. This occured when a password request change was started and not completed, then the URL was changed. Once returned back to the password page, they were given unauthorized full WebApp access.


D-40753 - RHEL8 - AdminUI -> WebApp - connect with a second employee - screen does not refresh     

We corrected an issue that occured when the Administrator connected from the Admin UI to the WebApp via the Change Bids option, where the employee being accessed needs to be the same as the request originated with. Originally with RHEL8, the WebApp did not refresh and left the screen in this state when it was first accessed.

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