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Edit/Move/Delete a Bid Group or Bid Preference

Once you have your bid group or preference selected, use the buttons on the top right or click the  menu button to access a list of actions. The menu button only appears once you have made a selection. These buttons allow you to cut, copy, paste, move, delete, or edit a bid group or preference.

Bid Group Selected

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Single Bid Preference Selected

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Editing a Bid Group

You can edit Pairings bid group to change it to an RLL or a Split Duties bid group (if you are configured for RLL or Split Duties) or change it the other way. You cannot change a Pairings bid group to a Reserve bid group or change a Reserve bid group to a Pairings bid group.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to edit multiple bids, one at a time, without having to select the edit button every time you select a bid. When you are in Edit Mode, any bid group or preference you select will be edited if you make any changes to it until you exit Edit Mode. When you have exited Edit Mode, you can add new bid groups or preferences by reopening the editor.

There are two ways you can enter Edit Mode:

  • if the Bid Preference Editor is closed select  - Note, if the Bid Preference Editor is open this button will close the editor.

  • click on the   menu button and select Edit from the list of options.

There are three ways to exit Edit Mode:

  • click on the Close button in the editor to close it.

  • click on the  button in the top menu to close the editor.

  • click on either the  or  to add a bid above or below the bid selected.

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