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Data Synchronization

You must sync data the first time you use the N-PBS interface. You can't use the N-PBS interface without syncing data. Also, multiple users can't use the N-PBS interface on the same device, either on-line or off-line, unless they have synced their data.

Synchronization ensures that bid period information is up-to-date while the bid period is open. After bidding is closed and awards are published you must sync data to view your published results.

If you are connected to the internet, the synchronization dialog appears every time you log in. Provided you are connected to the internet, the Sync Data button is available on each screen.

Synchronization dialog

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  • Automate on Start Up (A) - When selected, the synchronization process is automated and you don't have to click the Synchronization button. If you don't select this option, you must click the Synchronize button when you log in or press the Sync Data button. The Synchronization dialog will close automatically when finished.

    • Note: To save this or any setting, you must click the Logout button the first time you exit the application. If you close the browser instead of logging out your settings may not be saved.

  • Select Period(s) (B) - this lets you choose how many periods of data you want to sync.

  • Click a period name (C) to select or deselect it from synchronization. The checkmark beside the name indicates that it will be synced.

Why sync past periods?

If you sync data from past periods, you can see your bids and awards from previous periods. This can be useful when entering a current bid as you can see what you previously bid for and you can copy and paste bids from past periods.

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Synchronization Options

There are four sync options:

  • Automate on Start Up - when selected, this option automates the synchronization process. If you don't select this option you must click the Synchronize button when you log in.

  • Close on Success - when selected, the Synchronization dialog automatically closes when complete. If you don't select this option you must close the dialog box when the sync process is complete.

  • Status - when selected, this option allows you to view a breakdown of the data that is being synced. It also allows you to choose what data to sync. To speed up the sync process, you may choose to not sync all data from a past period. Select the check mark to choose whether to sync the data.

  • a green checkmark indicates that the data will be synced and you can choose to deselect it.

  • a black checkmark indicates that it will not be synced, select it to sync data.

  • a gray checkmark indicates that there is no data, you cannot select or deselect these checkmarks

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  • View Log - when selected, this option allows you to view the Synchronization Log of the data synced.

When you are online the circle in the top right corner is green. When online the Submit and Sync Data buttons are available.  

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