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Junior Assign Training Patterns

Reminder: Administrators designate training patterns as Junior Assign.

Junior Assign only applies to crewmembers with May Go or Early requirements. Must Go training patterns are awarded first and have top priority. However, senior May Go/Early bid preferences are honored over junior Must Go preferences if the junior can still be awarded a legal training pattern. Refer to the Training Processing Logic Examples article for further  information.

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Junior Assign is used by your administrator to fill as many seats as possible for a training pattern, if not enough crewmembers volunteered for training.

A training pattern designated as Junior Assign tells the N-PBS Scheduler that it must fill all of the seats available in the training pattern. This means that depending on your seniority and fellow crew member's bids, you could be awarded a training pattern, even if you would prefer to avoid voluntary training.

These seats are filled in seniority order, meaning that a senior crewmember can avoid voluntary training if their seniority allows.



If your training seniority is 50 and 60 training patterns remain, you will be awarded a training pattern. However, you could avoid voluntary training if 10 or more senior crewmembers have requested training and their bid preferences can be honored.

If you cannot avoid voluntary training, your bid preferences are still considered even if they are below the Avoid Voluntary Training bid; however bid preferences can be denied to fill the seats.

Start Training

  1. Prefer Off Feb 9, 2011

Avoid Voluntary Training

  • Prefer off Feb 20, 2011

Award Training

If you cannot avoid voluntary training at your seniority level, you will be awarded a training patter,n but the N-PBS Scheduler will still attempt to honor your request for Feb 9 and Feb 20 off.

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