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Import or Export Email Addresses

Administrators can now import a .csv file that will update email addresses. The new functionality is located in the Crew screen in its own tab labeled Email.

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From the Email tab, administrators can export or import.

  • To import, Use the Browse... button to locate the .csv file to use. Afterward, click the Import button at the lower right of the screen.

  • To export, click the Export button, and a .csv file is generated to save to a location of your choice.

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When importing, the data should be structured into two columns: Employee# and Email.

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Exported data files can be used as a template for future imports, if needed. Import data files should include all PBS bidders from the active period, even if they do not currently have an email address on file. The behavior of the import process is as follows:

  • Only the users on the import file are updated.

  • Any user in PBS but not included in the import file will be ignored (users are not updated if they already have an email in PBS).

  • The import will overlay any existing data in the system.

  • If a user already has an email in PBS, but the import has a different email, the existing email will be replaced with the email in the import.

  • If a person from the import file does not exist in the active period, a warning appears in the Import Log.

Note: The import/export can only be performed in an active period.

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