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N-PBS 23-1 Bug Fixes


N-PBS 23-1 Bug Fixes 

N-PBS 23-1 Bug Fixes 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

D-38004 - ALL - Min/Max Credits Honored Statistics are incorrect

Since introducing new statistics in the Dynamic Stats report, there has been an issue where the Honored number can exceed the Allow number when some Reduced Block users get Min/Max Credit. The limited (i.e., the Allowed number) excludes Reduced Block users; however, the Honored number includes Reduced Block users.


With the introduction of limits on Mixed Line Min/Max Credits Allowed, the same issue also affects these statistics. The fix is to make to Honored numbers also exclude Reduced Block users, as Reduced Block users do not count towards the limit.


D-37416 - ALL - Pairings list with double filter Date List & Date Range

On the Pairings screen, an issue occurs when adding a filter on Depart On > Date List and Depart On > Date Range. These applied filters indicate there are zero pairings. This issue is fixed and will now show the correct number of pairings that meet the filter criteria.


D-37593 - ALL - Bid Analyzer returning incorrect results

The Bid Analyzer is not showing the correct values for the bid preferences selected. This issue is now resolved. 


D-37068 - DAL - Bid UI wrongly allowing two slide vacation bids targeting the same vacation

An issue occurs where a bidder has two bids in the same bid group asking to slide the same vacation, which results in the system crashing. The WebApp should not have allowed this situation; however, in certain cases allowed the bids to be submitted. This issue is now corrected.


D-70004 - HAL - Unable to upload emails

HAL experiences an issue where they are unable to upload emails in bulk. This issue is fixed.


D-36836 - JBU - Blackout Date: feature fails if only a single date

The Blackout Date feature fails if there is only a single date. This bug is present in the WebApp only as the database and CategoryBidData update correctly.


This issue displays in two instances:

  • The date did not show in the Calendar as a blackout date, nor will the proper slide functionality behave in the bidding process.
  • If two dates were in the system and one is removed, it shows both as gone in relation to the blackout dates. The date shows in black.


This issue is now resolved.



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