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Assign an Absence Code

Block Time Summaries when selected using the checkbox shows all imported Block Time for a crewmember.

To pre-assign an absence to a crewmember:

  1. Click the Crew tab.

  2. Click the Crewmember's Detail tab.

  3. Enter an Employee Number and click the Search button.

  4. Select the Employee.

  5. Click the Activities button.

  6. Select the Add button.

Description automatically generated

  1. Select Add Absence from the Activity Type dropdown menu.

  2. Select the category from the Category dropdown menu.

  3. Select the absence code from the Absence Code dropdown menu

  4. Select the dates and time for the absence code.

    • Select the pairing and click the Edit button to edit an existing absence code.

    • Select the pairing and click the Delete button to delete an absence code.

  5. Click the Done button.

Note: If you click the Add or Edit button, the Add Activity panel appears. If you click the Delete button, the N-PBS Scheduler removes the absence code from the list.

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