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GDO Allocation for EGF Flight Attendants

Note: This topic describes GDO allocation for EGF flight attendants only. 

A Flight Attendant with at least 1 block of 3 or more days off will receive 3 GDOs. To be eligible for GDOs, you must:

  • be awarded a Reserve line

  • have the 11 full days off in the period

  • have at least 1 block of 3 or more days off.

GDO Details include:

  • exactly 3 GDOs will be awarded in a single block that begin on the start of the off day block.

  • only crewmembers that have been awarded a Reserve line will get GDOs.

  • you cannot bid for the placement of GDOs; however the N-PBS system will, if possible and present, use your Prefer Off bid preferences when awarding GDO days.

  • GDO days awarded are shown on your reasons report under the Post Award heading as RGO; RGO also appears on your calendar.


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