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Introduction to the N-PBS Scheduler

The N-PBS (NAVBLUE’s Preferential Bidding System) Scheduler Administrator’s Guide explains how to use the N-PBS Scheduler to manage the data and processes involved in creating a schedule that respects crewmember preferences while maintaining the airline’s targets for work coverage.

Together, the N-PBS Scheduler and the N-PBS Bidder form a Preferential Bidding System that builds individualized crew schedules based on each crewmember’s preferences, including both likes and dislikes for flying, specific pairings, and days off. The bids submitted using the N-PBS Bidder are added to the rules, pairings, and other parameters in the N-PBS Scheduler. You use all of this information to automatically build the flying schedule for the bid period.

The N-PBS Scheduler considers each crewmember’s seniority, language qualifications, and bid when building schedules. It ensures that the final crew roster meets as many crewmember preferences as possible, while also meeting legality and scheduling requirements and the airline’s targets for crew utilization and open time. Along with awarded pairings, the N-PBS Bidder provides a Reasons Report for each crew member that identifies whether or not each bid preference was fulfilled as well as providing detailed explanations for awards and denials. This Reasons Report can be extremely helpful in minimizing crew inquiries related to schedule awards.

Note: The Reasons Report is the primary tool for effectively managing inquiries from crewmembers regarding unfulfilled bid presences. See the Reason Report article for more details.

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