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Maximum UDO

This article describes UDO Awards. UDO bidding consists of the set condition bid and the With UDO option. UDOs are awarded after all pairing blocks have been built. UDOs are only awarded to crewmembers with pairing lines.

The number of UDOs available to you is imported by your administrator. Your administrator has the ability to limit the number of UDOs awarded on each day.


  • You can only use the With UDA option with the Prefer Off Date List Bid. It cannot be used with other Prefer Off bid preferences.

  • To be awarded UDOs, you must enter the Maximum UDO X and the With UDO option to the Prefer Off Date List bid. UDOs are awarded in a post process. 

You can use the Else Start Next or All or Nothing option along with the With UDO option. The Else Start Next or All or Nothing refers to the days off being bid for, not the awarding of UDOs. You will only be awarded UDOs if the bid group you get your awards from has the UDO bids. If you use Else Start Next, you need to add both UDO bids in the next bid group to be awarded UDOs.


Bid Example

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Description automatically generated

  • Set Condition Maximum UDO X - (X is the number of UDOs set by you, between 1 and 5)

  • Prefer Off Dec 9, 2018, Dec 10, 2018 (With UDO)

Reminder: Maximum UDO can be placed above or below Prefer Off and Avoid bid preferences in a Pairing bid group; however, it must be above all Award bid preferences. This bid cannot be forgotten and it will automatically be placed above your first Award bid preference, if you attempt to add it below an Award bid. The interface will not allow the bid to be moved below an Award bid, nor can an Award bid be moved above it.

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