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Edit a Rule

All rules are available for selection, however all or certain parameters won't be available for edit. You cannot edit parameters set on the Run Parameter screen or rules that can be waived by a crewmember through their bid.

To edit a rule:

  1. Select the Rule Type radial buttons. 

    • If you select Rule Sets, move to step 2. If you select Global Rules, move to step 3.

  2. In the Rule Set dropdown list, choose the appropriate rule set option.

    • Once a rule set has been selected, the Categories Affected (A) text field automatically populates with the categories that use the rule set.

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  1. Click on the rule you want to edit. Once selected, it will be highlighted blue.

  2. Click the Edit button and the edit rule panel will slide out.

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  3. Make changes you require to the rule parameters. Parameters that cannot be edited are grayed out with a message (B) stating why it cannot be edited.

  4. Click the Save button to complete the changes or the Cancel button to return the s. Parammain Rule Editor screen.

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