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Launch Child Runs

The Launch Child button allows you to start a new run using the selected run as the parent.

To launch a child:

  1. Switch to the Run Manager tab.

  2. Switch to the Completed tab, if it isn’t currently displayed.

  3. Make sure that the bid period is correct. 

    • The bid period is automatically set to the active bid period. If you need to work with another bid period, you can change the bid period using the drop-down list at the top of the Run Manager tab.

  4. Select the completed run that you want to use as the parent.

  5. Click the Launch Child button. The Add Run to Queue screen opens with the Parent Runs section open.

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  6. Select the Run Type from the dropdown menu.

    • The Run Type defaults to the child of the run selected in step 4. You can edit the Run Type, but if you change the Run Type, the Parent Runs section is removed from the screen.

  7. Select the Template from the dropdown menu. 

    • The Template will default to Copy of the run selected in step 4.

  8. Select the Category (group) from the dropdown menu.

    • The Group defaults to the selected run.

  9. Enter a name for your run. 

    • The name will default to the name of the run selected in step 4.
      Note: You can use any character in a run name, except for slash (/) and backslash (\).

  10. Select the Parent Run, if multiple Parent Runs are listed.

  11. Make any appropriate modifications to the parameters before launching the run.

  12. Click the Save button to launch the run.

The N-PBS Scheduler adds the run to the Queued Runs pane and launches the run as soon as system resources are available. The N-PBS Scheduler displays the status of the run as it progresses. 

When the run is complete, it is removed from the queue and appears on the Completed tab.


  • The parent run list only appears if the category requires a parent. If you set a parent for the category, you need to select a queued or completed parent run to use with this run. Make sure you’ve launched the necessary parent runs before launching a run that requires a parent.

  • The N-PBS Scheduler won’t launch a run until all of the parent runs for it are complete. The queue status indicates that the run is waiting for a parent run to be completed.

  • The N-PBS Scheduler checks to make sure that you’ve selected a category for the run, and won’t let you launch the run until a category is selected.

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